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The Lynd Co. Sponsors FIESTA

By Kim Jefferies

The Brighton Vision-Summer 2003

It's a family affair at the Lynd Co. Brothers Mike Lynd Jr. and David Lynd with their father Mike Lynd Sr. joined Brighton to throw the biggest and best "Taste of the Northside" in April of this year! The Lynd Company is a local company known for managing the best in apartments. They signed on as the presenting partner for Brighton's 4th Annual "A Taste of the Northside" and made a significant investment in the children of Brighton.

Over the past year, The Lynd Company has provided the children of Brighton many opportunities through investments, sponsorships and donations of products. Brothers Mike and David became involved with Brighton after they came to our annual "Laugh For The Children" event in October 2001. Once they had a firsthand look at the work that Brighton does, they were determined to contribute. Mike and David are two brothers who have come up with some inventive solutions to support Brighton. From becoming the presenting sponsor at the 2002 and 2003 "A Taste of the North-side" event, to sponsoring gifts for all our children last holiday season and beyond.

The latest support from The Lynd Company comes through an initiative a year in the making. Fundamental Foundations is Brighton's newest initiative to provide transitional housing to families in Brighton's ECI program. The Lynd Company has generously donated up to thirty-five apartments annually for our families and with that donation, the sky is the limit! These apartments will assist families in providing stable home environments that are conducive to learning and development. In addition, the Lynd brothers have committed to working with the parents enrolled in this program to offer employment at one of their properties. Fundamental Foundations would not be possible without the Lynd Company and their innovative support.

At the Taste of the Northside event in April, Brighton presented The Lynd Company with a small token of our appreciation. We are truly honored that they believe in what Brighton stands for and look forward to working with them in the future. Look for the Lynd Company to partner with Brighton on many fronts in the coming year! This family is committed to making a difference in the lives of children in our community!

Brighton provides an array of services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. We are pleased to announce The Lynd Company as our presenting partner. The Lynd Company is a longtime supporter and collaborative partner of the Brighton School. For more information about Brighton School, please visit our website at



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